Month: July 2010

  • Drowning Animal Cruelty Victim Saved by Kayaker

    Recently, a kayaker on Boston’s Charles River made a gruesome discovery along the river’s bank: a pet carrier almost completely submerged in the water, with an orange tabby thrashing furtively inside of it. He rescued the cat and took her to the Massachusetts SPCA‘s Animal Care and Adoption Center where she was nicknamed Grandma Moses …

  • Don’t Settle For the First Place When Boarding

    I spent a long time looking at different places online and visited two in person before making a decision. The first place smelled really bad, was tiny, and the lady that ran it was out running errands more than she was there so I thought I’d better keep looking. Look for a place that strives …

  • Boarding at Pet Suites

    Do you have a Pet Suites near you? I had to board my cats for a few days and it was a really nice facility! The cat room was so quiet and there was no dog noise at all. I was able to relax knowing my cats were in great hands while they were there. …

  • 10 Red Flags to Heed When Inspecting a Cat Boarding Facility

    One of the most important decisions we make about our cats is where to board them. Often the fretful thought of leaving Fluffy behind can influence not only our trip once we’re there but also our decision to go. The back and forth of “What if my cat isn’t OK while I’m away?” and “I’ve …

  • Sewer Rat is a Sewer Cat

    Three cheers for Bronx Department of Environmental Protection worker Samuel Barcone, who rescued sewer cat Motz from life as a sewer rat this week. Motz escaped his home through an open door during a barbecue. Despite thorough searches of the neighborhood, his owner, Edita Pjetrovic, came up empty handed. She finally got a break when …

  • Searching for Signal

    Beep beep boop boop. (via nick30003)

  • Don’t Eat Me!

    I’m a purrito not a burrito! (via thebeeobeee)

  • Four Score and Kitty Years Ago

    I’m sure you’ve heard this rumor but one heavily debated aspect of Abe Lincoln’s personal life was whether or not he was half kitten. (via capnskull)

  • The Black Sheep

    Hmmm, I wonder who the trouble maker is in THIS litter? (via vicxtorixous)

  • Find the Kitty

    Can you find the kitty? If you do your prize is CUTENESS! (via llbwwb)

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