Month: July 2010

  • Be the Change for Pets Food Drive

    Tough economic times have very spelled hard times for shelters so we’re really happy to hear about the new Dog Days of Summer food drive that launches today and runs through July 31, 2010. This pet food drive is being organized by Be the Change for Pets, an amazing effort that began at BlogPaws by …

  • Little Gray Kitty

    Aw, look at his smooshed hind section. He’s trying to cool down his belly on the cold table top! (via squidbilly)

  • Is it Normal for a Spay Incision to be Lumpy or Open?

    Hi Dr. I have a question for you about our female cat that got fixed last week. The incision looked a little lumpy/uneven. It has been one week. The cat has an e-collar on still and we have sprayed her incision so she is not licking. However, about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the incision …

  • Catatar Mind-Meld

    Tell me your secrets! (via floralfrog)

  • Tiny Puppy? Explain Yourself

    Did you know “touching noses” for cats is like the dog version of “sniffing butts”? But, of course, when a cat does this to a dog… The dog wins… (via lisahox0xohasil)

  • o_o

    Awwwwwwwww, lookatdatFAAACE! (via syin)

  • Monday Movie: Roomba Too Fast for Ya?

    In a reader? Click here to watch video. This kitteh has learned to take it slow and enjoy the ride. No word on whether her tortie friend is enjoying it as much as she is.

  • P&G Recalls Two Lots of Prescription Renal Diet Cat Food

    NOTE: In addition to sending a public press release out over PRNewswire, Iams sent out a blast fax recall notification to all of the clinics that have purchased the Feline Renal diet, so that they can contact their clients. They also notified VIN (the Veterinary Information Network) and the AVMA. If you have questions, call …

  • Finders, Keepers

    It was not uncommon for Gibson the Cat (above), a handsome tuxie, to leave his Annapolis area home for a day or two while out exploring. However, when he didn’t return home after the 4th of July, his family feared the worst. The mom of his family, Charlotte Cole, called her vet, Greater Annapolis Veterinary …

  • Drowning Animal Cruelty Victim Saved by Kayaker

    Recently, a kayaker on Boston’s Charles River made a gruesome discovery along the river’s bank: a pet carrier almost completely submerged in the water, with an orange tabby thrashing furtively inside of it. He rescued the cat and took her to the Massachusetts SPCA‘s Animal Care and Adoption Center where she was nicknamed Grandma Moses …