Month: June 2010

  • Housecat Housecall’s Dr Katrina Warren is The Cat’s Meow (Part 1)

    Housecat Housecall presented by Purina Cat Chow is one of my favorite shows, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Dr Katrina Warren, the star of the show. Dr Warren is a veterinarian who is an expert in cat behavior. If you’re not familiar with Housecat Housecall’s premise, it’s simple: Cat owners …

  • The Best Cats for Apartments

    The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association’s 2009-10 Pet Owners Survey reports that there are approximately 93.6 million cats living in US households, while there are only about 77.5 million dogs. Part of the reason cats have overtaken dogs in the house pet popularity contest is that cats adapt more easily to indoor life and can …

  • Relaunch Update from Ted @ HQ

    Hi everyone, This is Ted @ HQ. I hope you’re all having a great summer. It’s been a month since the site changes went live and I thought I’d pop in and give everybody an update. First off, I wanted to post a list of the major changes we’ve made live since the relaunch: Displayed …

  • Feline-Friendly Fords

  • What a Marvelous Vehicle!

    We must somehow obtain it. [Photo by Joe Shlabotnik]

  • The Very Best Places for a Cat Nap

    The windowsill. The multimeter. The coffeemaker. The record racks. The sink. The bed. A large – preferably fluffy – other cat. And thou. Photos by: Jijy, oskay, eva101, Boy27wonder, PJLewis, ansik, Ani Carrington, Sleeping cat beads

  • Catatar Hero

    Our mistress is now a collectible action figure, huzzah!

  • Carrie Ann Inaba Chats with TCM about Her Housecat Housecall

    Dancing with the Stars luminary Carrie Ann Inaba doesn’t spend all of her time analyzing Kate Gosselin’s foxtrot or Jane Seymour’s samba. When she’s not beneath the disco ball, she’s doting on her 5-housecat household. Not long ago, she had just three cats (Shadow, Taz and Squeaker), but then her boyfriend, Jesse Sloan, moved in …

  • Cat Nearly Chokes to Death on Bones

    I recently treated a cat who was in a bad way. The owner had known something was wrong with her cat for several days. The cat was outside and he wouldn’t come in. The owner couldn’t catch the cat initially, but finally he became so weak that he stood motionless in the back yard. The …

  • Cat O’ Clock

    Believe it or not, there are only two cats in this photo. The photographer says this is what it feels like right around feeding time. [Photo by cloudzilla]