Month: June 2010

  • Drama Unfolds as Cat Plummets During Tree Rescue

    In a reader? Click here. This week, a tabby was stuck in a Charlotte tree for six days after slipping out the door of her home. The cat, Rookie, had no food or no water and was forced to endure the sweltering heat. “I’ve been trying to call people all week, ODell said. Unfortunately no …

  • Dog Swallows Five Cats

    PeoplePets reported this week on a dog whose digestive problems perplexed the vets … until the x-rays revealed the terrier had swallowed five cats: Leave it to a cat to give a dog some trouble! When Snowy, a 1-year-old West Highland terrier, stopped eating several weeks ago, her owners feared the worst. Numerous trips to …

  • Couple Quick Updates

    1) The bug that caused the messages in HTML versions of Group emails has been fixed. 2) The bug that caused photos in photo tag searches and strolls to not appear has been fixed. I’ll spare you the boring details, but both were cause by sitewide changes (upgrading our version of PHP and serving images …

  • Are Vaccine-Induced Sarcomas in Cats Responsive to Chemo?

    Dr. Barchas: My 16 year old persian cat has fibrosarcoma. My vet tried to get all of the tumor on the right hip but could not. I was told this was due to vacine site injection. Since he is so old – diabetic – and has a heart murmur do you think I should put …

  • Indoor Cats Can be Tree Climbers with Treehouse Cat Trees!

    Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Yoo know, the one thing I LOVE to do win I go outdoors on my leesh is klime trees. It’s not only fun and a good werkout (how do you think I git my big mussels?), but it’s also amyoozing to watch the Food Lady try to klime up the tree …

  • Site Changes 6/22/10

    Hi Everypaw, This is Ted @ HQ. Hope everyone is going great. We just pushed live a whole bunch of changes. As always we can’t hope to please everyone, but we sure hope we please a lot! Also any questions or feedback you have if you post in the comments here, we’ll be sure to …

  • Coming Soon to Catatar: One Snuzzy Blogger

    Brad, the warm and fuzzy force behind, and the Keyboard Cat meme will be your new Catatar blogger effective next month, you lucky feline aficionados. Until then, the blog will be taking a short break. See you in July!

  • tuesday post possibilities (tabby, tuxie, tortie)

    orange reflection pool: watermelon: tabby kit duo: tabby sunspot: crosseyed flamepoint meezer:

  • GIVEAWAY: Housecat Housecall Season 2 DVD — and more! (3 winners)

    The Cat’s Meow is giving away a Housecat Housecall Season 2 DVD, a Purina Cat Chow notebook, and a coupon for free Purina Cat Chow, in conjunction with the interviews with Carrie Ann Inaba (DWTS Judge) and Dr Katrina Warren (host of Housecat Housecall) that we published this week. How to Enter & Rules Leave …

  • Box Life: 5 Amazing Kitty Contortionists

    Photos by: yasuhiro, oskay, Elsie esq., wsmith, akk_rus

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