Month: May 2010

  • ASPCA Battles Toxic Flood Waters in Search and Rescue Mission

    When disaster strikes, it is the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response Teams first priority to get into the field to save as many animals as possible. At the height of the recent flooding in Tennessee, the team navigated swift water currents, pulling struggling animals from floodwaters, out of trees and from dilapidated homes. On May …

  • Mango Update from Best Friends

    As you read last week in The Cat’s Meow, Mango the Cat, a victim of animal cruelty, was taken in by Best Friend Animal Sanctuary so that she could receive state-of-the-art care from a team who specializes in caring for cruelty victims. Best Friends has set up a mini-website that features Mango’s progress journal. Here’s …

  • Good Dog!

    Today we turn the tables with a video report of a sweet dog mom at a Humane Society who adopted a litter of kittens. [VIA Gordy]

  • Make Sure Your Cat is Cared for In the Event of Your Death

    I’ve always said that while having your cat die before you is sad, dying before your cat is an even worse scenario. I like the idea of setting up a “trust fund” for Kitty — and perhaps leaving specific instructions about what to do with Kitty in your will. On an entirely different note, a …

  • How do I make sure my cat is well cared for if I die?

    I cannot think of anyone who could give this cat the love I give her or the attention if I pass away. Any thoughts

  • A Good, Reasonable Pet Insurance Provider

    We have VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) and love it. I think its affordable and they give you a multi-pet discount. It doesn’t include pre-existing conditions though. You can get a free quote pretty quickly online. We have the best plan they offer with the extra cancer coverage and only pay $60 per month total (30 …

  • Which pet insurance is the cheapest?

    Also, is there a pet insurance that would cover pre-existing conditions?

  • What Should I do if my Pet’s Heartworm Preventative is Late?

    Oops! It seems my pups heartworm medication has lapsed and they’ve been off the meds for over a month now. Do I need to have new blood work done or can I just go into my vet and request refills of the medication? Jessi Chicago Heartworms are blood parasites of dogs and cats. Heartworms are …

  • Cat Trees: Choosing the Best

    Cats love to have vertical space, and your kitten is no exception. Not only do cat trees give your kitten an appropriate place to climb, they also provide her with the exercise she needs and a natural opportunity to groom her own claws. However, in order to make your kitten’s cat tree experience a good …

  • How to Find the Perfect Cat Bed

    Although many cats sleep wherever they please — your bed, your furniture, your clothes, your guests’ bed, and so on — you may want to get your cat used to sleeping in her own bed. Or maybe you just want to spoil her and give her yet another delightful sleeping location choice. Either way, these …

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