Month: May 2010

  • Litter Box Training Tips

    More people surrender their cats to animal shelters because of litter box issues than for just about any other reason. The sad truth is that the vast majority of these people would not have felt they needed to give up their kitties if they had simply followed a few basic guidelines. Real estate agents are …

  • The Different Types of Cat Aggression

    In the human world, aggression is considered a completely inappropriate response to most circumstances. But it’s different for cats. For them, aggression is a natural, healthy behavior. Consider the fact that cats are very small creatures and if they didn’t use aggression they probably wouldn’t have survived to become the sweet companions we love today. …

  • Teach Your Cat to Love the Carrier in Six Steps

    Your cat’s carrier is an essential part of her life. Whether you’re taking her for a vet visit, traveling to visit your family or friends, or evacuating in an emergency, your pet needs to learn to accept this form of transport. With the right carrier and a few simple steps, your kitty can learn to …

  • Giveaway: T-Shirt from Cats Against Clay

    You watched the movie yesterday. Now wear the t-shirt! Sorry, tees don’t come in cat sizes only people sizes.

  • Sail away to help the Cats

  • Monday Movie: Cats Wage Protest in Berkeley

    Power to the Pussycats! In a reader? Click here. This week’s movie documents a recent protest that Cats Against Clay waged in Berkeley, CA. If you’ve never heard of Cats Against Clay, here’s a little background: C.A.C. (Cats Against Clay) is a cats-only member organization that has fought for litter box reform since 1992. It …

  • Cat is Crazy for Curry

    In a reader? Click here.

  • “Smashing” Spanish Cat Turns up in UK

    A feisty tuxie found on a school playing field in Brickhill (north of London) is awaiting a reunion with his owners despite having been microchipped. The staff at St Thomas More School in Tyne Crescent took him to Acorn House Veterinary Surgery last Friday. He was scanned for a chip, only to find he’d been …

  • Rat Steals Big Cat’s Lunch in Delicious Act of Chutzpah

    Few creatures on planet Earth would dare get between a Leopard and her noms. But at the Santago Rare Leopard Project in Hertfordshire, England, there’s a teenaged rat who did just that. He stole his lunch from a leopard cat. Imagine that! Hard to believe, but student photographer Casey Gutteridge captured images of the exchange …

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