Month: May 2010

  • Why has my kitten become clingy?

    She won’t even be in a room by herself and whines when she is alone. Will this just be a stage that she grows out of or how can I get her used to being independent so that she can manage when I’m gone at work?

  • How do I help my other cats get over a missing cat?

    Howie disappeared from my apartment almost 3 weeks ago, with no sign of him. Although my one cat, Henry, seems very happy his tormentor is gone (Howie loves to attack), Louie paces and meows and meows. I am moving in the next month for a fresh start, and to get away from cat collecting neighbors …

  • How do I know if my cat has separation anxiety?

    My cat was adopted 3 months ago and he and I are well bonded. However, in the evenings after work he becomes aggressive with me and bites- not hard, but is obviously miffed. He’s had a lot of trauma in his life- many moves before coming to me and my husband notes that he will …

  • Accidents Outside the Litter Box

    Cats stop using their boxes for a few reasons, and this can happen before you know it. Everything will be going along fine, and then you start to notice accidents. Firstly, have them checked for kidney infections. If all’s clear, then they could no longer like their litter, the boxes, or sharing a box. I …

  • How can we prevent our cats from having litterbox accidents?

    Recently our two cats have been using the floor around their litter box for toileting, rather than using the box. The only thing that has changed is that we have just switched to using plastic liners instead of newspaper sheets in their tray, as they make cleaning easier and lessen odours and stains. However, our …

  • Moving a Litterbox to a New Location

    Keep the current litterbox and put a second one in the new spot. Make sure both cats are using the new box before you remove the first one. Having the box in a quiet spot will help encourage the cats to use it. If the odor is the problem, you may be able to make …

  • Will my cats use the litterbox as usual if I relocate it?

    I have two cats who have there litter box in my room. Now the smell has gotten so bad I am now sleeping with my sister. I would like to have my room back and not have the litter box in there. Help please.

  • How do I train my kitten to use the litter box?

    she keeps urinating in one of my big plants instead. I guess she likes the dirt. How can I get her to stop that and start using the litter box?

  • Why is my cat hissing at me?

    My cat has been hissing at me only this past month or so and I’ve had him for two years. It has happened three times. Two of those times he was just laying down next to me in my bed and out of nowhere he hissed by my face! Its really starting to scare me …

  • Cat Grooming: A Primer on Keeping Kitty Clean

    Grooming your cat does more than just keep your cat looking her best. It’s also an opportunity to bond with your cat as well as inspect her body for lumps, ticks and tender spots. Some cats require more grooming than others. Generally, the more fur a cat has, the more grooming she will require. Senior …

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