Month: April 2010

  • How to Calm Your Cat on a Plane

    We now give our cat children’s Benadryl for car rides because he gets car sick. I’d ask your vet to recommend an appropriate dosage of Benadryl and try that first (do ask your vet, mine said that certain types of Benadryl are not safe for cats). If you do decide to go with any kind …

  • Are tranquliziers needed for air travel?

    Bringing my cat on a two hour plane ride and I need to know everything about them since I apparently need to get her one any help would be appreciated about what they are if they are safe normal prices and maybe places. Its from Ontario to New Brunswick

  • How to Travel with Your Cat

    Check with the airlines to find one that will allow you to take a pet in the cabin with you. I just did that with US Airways from Las Vegas to Sacramento with my cat, Minxy. They charged me $100 for Minxy and she had be in a small carrier that would fit under the …

  • How to Trick Your Cat Into Her Carrier

    Catch your cat in a big towel and wrap her up in it so that she is bundled. It will save you on scratches, and stops her from grabbing the outside of the carrier door like an octopus!

  • Getting a Cat Into a Carrier

    We put our cat’s food bowl inside the carrier. Also, include a towel you have used on your wet hair. They like the scent of their humans.

  • Christmas Tree Cat Dangers

    Christmas trees are considered to be mildly toxic. The fir tree oils can be irritating to the mouth and stomach, causing excessive drooling or vomiting. The tree needles are not easily digested either; possibly causing GI irritation, vomiting, GI obstruction or puncture. Artificial trees are also dangerous when eaten. If your pet has chewed on …

  • What should I do if my cat swallows dental floss?

    No sign of it on either end. She is still eating and playing but I worry about it getting wrapped up inside her.

  • Tips for Feeding for One Overweight Cat and One Underweight Cat

    If you have an overweight cat and an underweight cat, what you can do is put food for the small cat in a place that the overweight cat can’t get to. Maybe somewhere high if the big cat is too heavy to jump up. Or you could put a hook in the door frame and …

  • Separate Feedings for Cats with Different Needs

    If one needs to lose weight and one needs to “bulk up,” the only way you can do that is to feed them separately, in different rooms. If the overweight cat is gorging himself, you may have to physically remove him to give the little one a chance to eat. I’ve heard you can also …

  • How to Help an Overweight Cat

    Look at your food’s calorie content, not just at fat content. High calorie foods, which all dry foods are, will not help your cat’s weight at all. To lose weight, limit the amount of calories your cat eats every day. It is suggested to eat about 20 calories per pound of ideal body weight. It …

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