Month: April 2010

  • It’s Official: Cats are Funnier Than Dogs

    Cheezburger King Ben Huh is allergic to cats, but he looks at hundreds of photos of lolcats everyday. Huh says that in a showdown of funnies, cats come out on top. Check out this video interview, then find out more at

  • Baby Squirrel & Kitten are Unlikely Sibs

    Baby Squirrel is thrilled to be part of this tabby family. Momcat doesn’t mind being at the bottom of the pile. Baby Squirrel’s adopted brother helps him develop his wrasslin’ skills. Momcat doesn’t get many naps with this pair. [SOURCE:]

  • Ten Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Cat

    Let’s say you’re actively working on decreasing your carbon footprint. You pack your groceries in hemp bags, walk instead of drive and meticulously recycle. But what about Fluffy? What’s your cat’s carbon pawprint? Cats are not particularly environmentally friendly pets, but there are things you can do to live green (or at least, a little …

  • Michigan Cat Rescued from Tree after a Week,0,2179087.story

  • “A Bit of Bacon for Mac” Day

    see more Lolcats and funny pictures Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. A munth ago today, longtime Catster member Macaroni (bruther of Frankie Sinatracat) went to The Bridge. In his memery, his Catster frends have orgunized “A Bit of Bacon for Mac” Day today, in which kittehs all over the world get a bit of bacon for …

  • Hello Kitty Contacts

    Just when you think you’ve seen everything, the folks at Sanrio come out with Hello Kitty contact lenses. [SOURCE:]

  • One Sweet Ride

    In a reader? Click here. I dare you to watch this video and not want to immediately head out to Radio Shak and BevMo to buy the components to build one of your very own.

  • Will my cat’s hair thin and change color as he ages?

    My Louie will be 13 this February, and over the last year it seems that his hair is getting thinner all over and lighter in color in certain spots (face/neck, tummy, bottom of tail). Maybe I just notice it more with Louie because he’s black?

  • How to Decide When to Euthanize Your Cat

    When a cat stops eating, that’s usually a sign that something is not right. Is there any way you can ask your vet to make a visit to your home? When my beloved Golden was dying of Megaesophagus disease, it was difficult to get her to the vet’s. My vet told me without hesitation that …

  • When It’s Time to End Your Cat’s Suffering

    If your cat is suffering, she may not be showing that. Cats are very good at hiding pain. You will know when the time has come when she has no more quality of life. I would consult your vet about how she is behaving. Euthanasia is the final gift you can give to your beloved …

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