Month: April 2010

  • One Sweet Ride

    In a reader? Click here. I dare you to watch this video and not want to immediately head out to Radio Shak and BevMo to buy the components to build one of your very own.

  • How to Pet a Cat


  • Charles the Cat Home after 1300 Mile Trek

    This Tabby Tuesday we’re celebrating Charles the Cat, a brown tabby from Albuquerque, NM who went missing and turned up 8 months and 1300 miles later in Chicago. He’d disappeared when in the care of a pet sitter while his owner was out of town volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. “Oh, I …

  • So in Love…

    Ahh, to be young and in love. [SOURCE:]

  • Smart as a Fox

    Callie stood her grown as the quick brown fox looked for a lazy dog to jump over. Or eat. [SOURCE: Igor Shpilenok]

  • Monday Movie: Be the Change

    In a reader? Click here. This week’s movie is very special. If you weren’t able to attend BlogPaws, this movie’s screening was one of the highlights of the conference. It celebrates what is pawsible when people who care get together and start to change the world for animals one paw at a time.

  • darn!Socks Giveaway

    As part of a series of Earth Day giveaways this month, this week we’re giving away handmade cat toys from darn!Socks. This is not the usual cheezy made-in-China crap. darn!Socks are old holey socks reincarnated as adorable catnip-filled mice. Theyre filled with a generous teaspoon of organic catnip, a small sheet of recycled crinkly plastic, …

  • Talk to Your Vet About Pain Killers Before Your Pet Undergoes Surgery

    My daughter took her cat in to be neutered and they did not give any pain medicine. Is there anything over the counter he can have he weighs 12lbs. Serina Fresno, CA Veterinary sources site aspirin as the only over-the-counter pain killer that can be used in cats. But it’s not a good choice in …

  • Cat Stuck in Tree 7 Days–brigades-ladder-came-short.html

  • Dramatic Rescue of Cat Hanging by Neck in Storm Drain

    At least one cat in Norfolk, Massachusetts has learned that it doesn’t pay to stick your head where it doesn’t belong. Last week, a grey and white cat became suspended by her neck from a storm drain grate. When Animal Control Officer Hilary Cohen saw the cat’s dilemma, she called firefighters in for assistance. Attempts …