Month: April 2010

  • Warm Weather Can Present Dangers for Your Cat(s)

    As the days grow longer and warmer, we spend more time outside, so it’s time to review what dangers the warm weather brings for your cat(s). A few recent discussions, though, have gotten me to thinking about what we actually put in our yards and whether these things could be harmful to our pets who …

  • Last Chance to Enter the darn!Socks Catnip Toy Giveaway!

    Yo, kittehs! Don’t furget to enter the darn!Socks catnip toy giveaway: entries close tonight at midnight! Three (count ’em: three!) winners will be announced on Monday. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

  • 11-Year-Old Invents New Cat Bath System

    Sixth grader Sarah Goedken has a standing invitation to visit my home anytime she likes. As the resident kitty care giver in her home, Goedken is faced with giving her cats frequent baths to control their dandruff. She’s learned first-hand exactly how much cats hate water. So this enterprising 11-year-old from Harlan, Iowa invented “The …

  • YouTube Cats Protest Bush Library

    This week it was announced that a feral cat colony at Southern Methodist University is going to be evicted to make way for the George W Bush Library, scheduled for completion in 2013. It didn’t take long for every cat on YouTube to protest this heinous act and organize against it, as you can see …

  • It’s Official: Cats are Funnier Than Dogs

    Cheezburger King Ben Huh is allergic to cats, but he looks at hundreds of photos of lolcats everyday. Huh says that in a showdown of funnies, cats come out on top. Check out this video interview, then find out more at

  • Baby Squirrel & Kitten are Unlikely Sibs

    Baby Squirrel is thrilled to be part of this tabby family. Momcat doesn’t mind being at the bottom of the pile. Baby Squirrel’s adopted brother helps him develop his wrasslin’ skills. Momcat doesn’t get many naps with this pair. [SOURCE:]

  • Ten Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Cat

    Let’s say you’re actively working on decreasing your carbon footprint. You pack your groceries in hemp bags, walk instead of drive and meticulously recycle. But what about Fluffy? What’s your cat’s carbon pawprint? Cats are not particularly environmentally friendly pets, but there are things you can do to live green (or at least, a little …

  • Michigan Cat Rescued from Tree after a Week,0,2179087.story

  • “A Bit of Bacon for Mac” Day

    see more Lolcats and funny pictures Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. A munth ago today, longtime Catster member Macaroni (bruther of Frankie Sinatracat) went to The Bridge. In his memery, his Catster frends have orgunized “A Bit of Bacon for Mac” Day today, in which kittehs all over the world get a bit of bacon for …

  • Hello Kitty Contacts

    Just when you think you’ve seen everything, the folks at Sanrio come out with Hello Kitty contact lenses. [SOURCE:]