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Month: March 2010

  • Greeters

    Watch out,Walmart greeters. Randy and Sassy are ready to steal your jobs. [SOURCE:]

  • GIVEAWAY: Flying Saucer Catnip Toys by Moderncat

    We are thrilled to offer a giveaway this week sponsored by our friends at If you’ve ever had to sweep through the house before company comes to corral all the ratty cat toys your “kids” have left lying around, you’ll love these Flying Saucer Catnip Toys (pictured above). They are so cool, you won’t …

  • Feral Cats: New Game for Hunters in New Jersey?

    The state of New Jersey is considering reclassifying feral cats as “exotic” animals, a move which would open the door to allow hunters to satisfy their blood lust by shooting feral cats (or domestic cats who happen to be outdoors). Here’s the story as reported by Colleen O’Dea in The Daily Record. Animal groups: Could …

  • Cat, Lost for a Year, Found in Foreclosed Home

    Sparky the Cat was a mere 7 months old when he went missing in Boston. His owner, 19-year-old Addie Mathews of Lexington, was devastated and feared the worse. Until this week when she got a call from the MSPCA informing her that Sparky had been found — identified via an implanted microchip. I was shocked. …

  • Fuji Announces Camera Designed Specifically for Pet Photos

    If you take many photos of your cat (and who doesn’t??) you’ll be interested in a new Fuji camera that’s been designed with an automatic cat/dog face-detection feature. FujiFilm’s Finepix Z700 can recognize canine and feline faces, and it can snap a picture automatically when they look towards the camera lens. Fuji is demonstrating the …

  • Every Day Is Tag Day

    Its a Big Scary World for Little Lost Pets American Humane Stresses Importance of Pet Identification With Every Day Is Tag Day on April 3 DENVER, March 3, 2010 Every day animal shelters across the U.S. hear the same story from distraught pet owners: My pet lives indoors. I never thought he would run away …

  • Microchip Delivers Cat to Owners After 3 1/2 Year Separation

    On the fence about microchipping your pet? Check out this story.

  • Win an All-Expense-Paid Trip to BlogPaws Pet Blogging Conference

    Have you heard of BlogPaws? It’s a Pet Blogging Conference being held in Columbus, OH on April 9-10, and it will be full of networking opps, learning, and FUN! I’ll be one of the speakers, so let me know if you’re going; Skeezix and I would love to meet up with you. Now here’s the …

  • How to Calculate A Cat’s Age in Cat Years

    A popular misconception is that cats age seven years (in human years) for each calendar year. In fact, feline aging is much more rapid during the first two years of life. A cat reaches the approximate human age of 15 during its first year, then 24 at age 2. Each year thereafter, it ages approximately …

  • New Feline Diet to Overcome Bladder Disorders Being Tested

    If you’ve had a cat who’s suffered from bladder stones, or feline idiopathic cystitis (in which cats suffer from bladder inflammation), you may be interested in studies currently being conducted at Michigan State University, testing a diet to overcome bladder disorders. More than half a million felines each year are affected by bladder disorders. The …

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