Month: March 2010

  • Rock Cats!

    John, Paul and Ringo play all the great feline classics like “Stray Cat Strut” and “The Year of the Cat.” [SOURCE:]

  • Cat Comes Back to Life Nine Months after Owner Buries Him

    Maybe they should change Alfie’s name to Lazarus. Last June in Milnrow, Greater Manchester in the UK, the Petrillo family buried what they believed to be their orange tabby, Alfie, after finding his body beside the road near their home. He’d been hit by a car. Soon thereafter, the family moved to another neighborhood, along …

  • GIVEAWAY: Win an Easter Cat Tee

    Easter is just around the corner and The Cat’s Meow wants to help you celebrate with an Easter Cat T-shirt. Kittehs, surprise your Mom (or Dad) with this festive Easter t-shirt featuring Skeezix the Cat. How to Enter Leave a comment in the comments field of this post telling us how you plan to celebrate …

  • Web-Enabled Cat Feeder w/ Video Feed

    This is just about the best cat product invention I’ve ever seen. Inventor Mathew Newton devised this DIY internet-enabled cat feeder, which has a full web interface that lets you control when kibble drops down into the bowls. It even streams a video feed of what’s going on at home. The motor-driven cereal dispenser is …

  • The Most Impurrtant Post You May Read this Year

    Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Today I have a topic of utmost impurrtance fur kittehs all over the United States. That topic is the Census. My best frend Nikita (left) writed a reely good explanayshun of the US Census Form that the man in the bloo shorts brot to your home this week. Now, many kittehs …

  • One Word Wednesday

    [SOURCE: icanhascheezburger]

  • Caster Changes Cartoon

    MOL! We just got this cartoon from the very talented member Karen who is having a little fun with the changes that went live yesterday. You can see Karen’s furamily here. Thanks Karen we love it! And thanks Pawsome Pages!

  • The Winner of the Moderncat Catnip Toys is…

    The one and only Hazel Lucy, who also happened to be the first to leave a comment. The winner’s name was chosen at random using Concats, HL! HL wins a set of Flying Saucer Catnip toys from the Moderncat Studio. In case you were wondering, Skeezix’s favorite toy from Moderncat is the Jute Bomb. …

  • Tabby Tuesday: The Lazy Days of Spring

    With Spring comes longer days spent catnapping in sunny spots …. or in a hammock built for two.

  • Wider Pages and Navigation Changes Launched Today!

    Hello everypaw! We have just completed the first round of site layout changes that we’ve been talking about for the last few weeks (see our previous updates below). The changes that you will now see across the sites are: We’ve removed the left column of site links as they had become excessive and were taking …

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