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Month: February 2010

  • Panhandler Cat Begs Money for Noms

    Here’s the story: “This cat begging money was spotted in one of the cities of Belarus. He stays on one place with a note that reads need money for meat and fish, bless you. He doesnt leave his place and protects the money just with his sight. His owner was found nearby. It was an …

  • 6 Phases of Working Cats

    Phase 1: You are listening to jazz. Your first day at work is great. Your coworkers are wonderful, your cubicle is cute, and your boss is the best! Phase 2: You are listening to rock music. After a while you are so busy that you are not sure if youre coming or going anymore. Phase …

  • The Cat’s Meow’s Valentine’s Giveaway!

    The Cat’s Meow will be giving away a bunch of prizes over the next two weeks for Valentine’s Day! Check back daily so you don’t miss out on a single one! The first giveaway is a Hazel Lucy original Cat Cap FOR NON-U.S. RESIDENTS only. Sometimes, non-US residents are not eligible for our giveaways, and …

  • Oscar the “Death Cat” Subject of New Book

    I was thinking of “Death Cat” a couple of days ago when I saw a House rerun of the Death Cat episode. Ever the skeptic, House thinks he’s proven by episode’s end that Death Cat was merely a self-serving heat-seeking feline. Those in the throes of death gave off more body heat than other patients, …

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