Month: February 2010

  • Puma Cat

    Blackie dreams of becoming Puma’s spokescat and living logo.

  • Susan Boyle and Pebbles No Longer Flatmates

    Susan Boyle’s 11-year-old pedigree Turkish swimming cat, Pebbles, is no longer living with the Scottish singer. Since July, Pebbles has been living in Wanstead, East London, with retired accountant Pamela Eaton-Browne. Eaton-Browne, 76, was asked to take her in by neighbor Alex Kadis, who works with Simon Cowell and is part of Boyle’s management team. …

  • What Causes Lumps on the Rear Legs of Cats?

    Hello, I have a 12-year-old orange tabby who has developed a small bump on his one hind leg. It was pink & looked like a pimple without a head. I checked it today & it is scabby & a bit bigger. I am just wondering if this is something I should worry about. I do …

  • Bonus Video: Puppy Bowl’s Kitten Half-Time Show

    If you’re a cat person, you only watch Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl for one reason: The kittens who star in the halftime show. In case you missed it, here’s Puppy Bowl VI’s halftime spectacular! In a reader? Click here. Which kitten was your fave?

  • Valentine’s Giveaway: Indulge Your Cat with the Nap of Luxury

    Kittehs, wake up from your naps long enough to feast your eyes on this gorgeous Valentine’s Giveaway prize: a stylish, comfy, ultramodern cat bed from Neko Habitat! Retail value: $244.99. Neko Habitat is a boutique pet furniture company. The companys three lines of upscale pet beds include the Cradle, the Pan and the Wave and …

  • Farewell, Rocky Ann

    Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. The Catster community was rocked this weekend with the news that Catster Superstar Rocky Ann had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. She had been in poor helth due to kronik renal failure for some time, but in troo Rocky Ann spirit, she was a fighter until the vary end. She said …

  • Is Revolution as Effective as Heartgard?

    My dogs were refusing to eat the Heartguard or throwing it up so i changed them to Revolution and everything seems great. what are your thoughts on this product? It’s very hard to get from our vets. Thanks. Karen Georgia When Revolution was released ten or twelve years ago, it looked set to revolutionize (Heh! …

  • Valentine’s Giveaway: Cute Flirty Calvin Collar

    Today’s giveaway is a special Valentine’s Calvin Collar, suitable for both girlcats and mancats. These special floof collars are named in memory of Catster Calvin, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer in September, 2009 and journeyed to the bridge on October 26, 2009. A Calvin Collar is a special crocheted collar that features an emblem, …

  • Ninja Cat

    Working hard to eradicate bubbles in our lifetime. [SOURCE:]

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