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  • Buying the Right Cat Carrier

    Buying the Right Cat Carrier


    Dec 2, 2009 — Attention cat owners of the world: If you have a cat, you need a cat carrier. Also known as a pet taxis, cat taxis, or cat crates, cat carriers (like cats) come in all shapes and sizes. They range in price and durability from collapsible cardboard...

  • Heartworm Treatment for Cats

    Heartworm Treatment for Cats


    Dec 2, 2009 — Heartworm is a parasitic infestation transmitted to dogs and more rarely, cats, by bites from infected mosquitoes. Heartworm is a potentially fatal health threat and often requires aggressive, prolonged and painful treatment. Prevention is Easier...

  • Traveling with Your Cat by Airplane

    Traveling with Your Cat by Airplane


    Dec 2, 2009 — Flying with cats is not as hard as it sounds. If your cat can nap, your cat can fly. Learning how to travel with your cat on an airplane helps you to create a safe, predictable, and calm passage for your kitty when the fur flies. Prepare well in...

  • Clicker Training for Cats: The Basics

    Clicker Training for Cats: The Basics


    Dec 2, 2009 — Cat training has often been considered an elusive goal by pet owners who've been conditioned to view cats as "untrainable." Yet many cat owners have found an enjoyable way to train and interact with their pets through the process of clicker...

  • Tips for Finding Cat-Friendly Hotels

    Tips for Finding Cat-Friendly Hotels


    Dec 2, 2009 — It's not all that hard to find cat-friendly lodging world-wide these days, but all cat-owning travelers do still need to check, in preparation for any trip, if cats will be welcome to avoid bad surprises at the hotel check-in. The AAA has a...

  • Cat Flea and Tick Treatment Options

    Cat Flea and Tick Treatment Options


    Dec 2, 2009 — The flea is the most common parasite to infect both cats and dogs. When fully grown, a flea looks like a pinhead-sized red or brown dot and will usually be concentrated around the neck or base of the tail on your pet. There are at least seven...

  • Cat Vaccinations Questions

    Cat Vaccinations Questions


    Dec 2, 2009 — The earliest veterinary care your kitten receives is likely to be related to pet vaccines. Kitten vaccinations should begin around eight weeks of age, and are usually given in three rounds about three or four weeks apart. Older cats may require...

  • Cat Crate Training

    Cat Crate Training


    Dec 2, 2009 — If you've ever taken a cat to the vet, you've probably had an experience that goes something like this: You get the cat carrier out of the closet and suddenly your cat is nowhere to be seen. After locating the missing feline and hauling him out...

  • What Does a De-Shedding Tool Do?

    What Does a De-Shedding Tool Do?


    Dec 2, 2009 — Densely-furred cats have combination coats made up of longer, coarser top fur and softer, finer inner fur that creates a warm air-trapping blanket for the skin in cold weather. It is the cat's undercoat that tends to tangle, mat and clump as it is...

  • The Importance of Cat Nutrition

    The Importance of Cat Nutrition


    Dec 2, 2009 — What is a healthy cat diet? With the wide variety of options on the market, this question can be difficult to answer. Nutrition is a critical component in cat wellness and behavior, and what you choose to feed your cat is not a decision that should...