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Month: June 2009

  • 300 Chinese Cats Rescued from Dinner Plate

    Thanks to a tipster, this cat and about 300 others — crammed into 22 bamboo crates in a freight yard in Shanghai — were rescued by animal activists this week. The cats, likely trapped at night by thieves scouring residential neighborhoods, were awaiting shipment to restaurants in the Guangdong Province. Most were reunited with their …

  • Neighborhood Welcomes Home Murphy

    Sometimes, it takes a village to find a cat. In the case of a cowcat named Murphy, it took the west end of Oneonta, New York to help Murphy find his way back home: By Jake Palmateer Staff Writer ONEONTA _ “Murphy’s Home!” The sign on Pam O’Connor and Mark Voorhees’ Chestnut Street yard on …

  • Win 50 Zealies in The Cat’s Meow’s July 4th Parade!

    Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. This week, The Cat’s Meow is accepting entries for the 4th of July parade! HOW TO ENTER To enter, just send me a foto of you in yer flashiest patriotic finery, and inklood a valid emale address and link to yer Catster profile or cat blog. To send the foto, either …

  • Monday Movie: Trackball!

    Who knew Trackball was a team sport? In a reader? Click here.

  • What is the Official Definition of Insanity–in Cats?

    I was wondering what are the “official” signs of an insane cat or as the vet told me a “special edition”? Jazmin Montreal, QC In my opinion “special edition” isn’t the most diplomatic way of describing a cat whose behavior and temperament aren’t “normal”. Of course, the word normal needs to be in quotes because …

  • Dopey Back Home with Family after 6 Years on the Lam

    Dopey the Cat, a big orange tabby, is back with his family near Sacramento six years after he disappeared. His owner, Donna Lane-Mills, thought he’d been hit by a car, and had long ago given him up for dead. “He was a favorite of my youngest daughter, who was just 6 years old at the …

  • Rock Your World with a Special Needs Pet

    Sick to death of Michael Jackson coverage? How about switching gears and checking out this Cute Show video about some handi-capable animals who function as well as those without handicaps? Click here to see these amazing special needs pets and their amazing, loving owners.

  • Tuxie Supermom Raising Puppies and Orphaned Kitten

    A sweet tuxie mom in Illinois has embraced the challenge of mothering three puppies and a kitten who is not her own: Cats and dogs are supposed to be mortal enemies, but it seems a mother’s love can overlook the interspecies differences. A black cat with white paws is nursing two puppies so young their …

  • Microchip Myths Debunked

    The best defense against losing your pet is a good offense, which includes tagging and microchipping your cats, putting bells on their collars (when they first escape, it will help you locate them before they become lost) and keeping them secure inside your house. Not sure whether it’s safe to microchip your pets? debunks …

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