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Month: March 2009

  • Monday Movie: Mean Kitty

    In a reader? Click here.

  • Can Cats Recognize Faces?

    When I looked up into the window while walking past our apartment the other day, I saw one of my cats looking down at me and wondered if she can recognize my face, or if she only recognizes me by smell. Do my cats know my face, or only my smell? Rhonda Vinsebeck, Nrw, Germany …

  • Enjoy Your Weekend

    I’m posting this photo for no other reason than it made me smile in a creepy kind of way. Enjoy your weekend, and celebrate Einstein’s 130th birthday! Here’s a cocktail party tidbit: Einstein’s cat would get depressed whenever it rained and Straus once overheard Einstein telling it, “I know what’s wrong, dear fellow, but I …

  • 17 Common Houseplants That are Poisonous to Pets

    New from the ASPCA, a video describing 17 common houseplants that can poison your pets: In a reader? Click here.

  • $27 Thrift Store Couch Comes with Free Feline Bonus

    It must be calico cat stowaway week. First there was the story of Autumn, the cat who hid inside a mattress set and almost ended up in a landfill, and now the story of a calico in Spokane who was found by a couple who purchased a thrift store couch and found a free feline …

  • 5 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health

    This week on Web MD, there is an informative article by Jeanie Lerche Davis how pets can improve your health. Here’s a summary: Allergy Fighters A growing number of studies suggest that kids growing up in a home with “furred animals” — whether it’s a pet cat or dog, or on a farm and exposed …

  • Jake and Micah Giveaway at Modern Cat

    Skeezix was lucky enough to get a gift from Jake and Micah for Valentine’s Day. The packaging was an art piece in itself, and he promptly destroyed the lovely catnip-filled fortune cookies wrapped inside. But the best part of all is that Jake’s a Catster, and Jake and Micah are part of the Catster Marketplace. …

  • Barn Cats Evicted by Los Altos City Manager

    Dash, one of the barn cats living at Westwind Barn since 2003, won human admirers with his friendly temperament despite his feral lifestyle. In Los Altos Hills, California this week, City Manager Carl Cahill ordered the removal of the barn cats that have lived at the city-managed Westwind Community Barn for the past six years. …

  • 6 Days to Go… Will You Join Me in the Wearing of the Green?

    Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. With fewer than six days to go before St Pawtrick’s Day, I hope yoo’ve fownd a kyoot green outfit to ware. If yoo haven’t, I have some bandana sugjestions from Hands n Paws. These grate St Paddy’s Day bandanas are affordable, starting at $5. Most of them are available in 5 …

  • Can Cats Infected With FIV Live With Non-Infected Cats?

    A recent comment caught my eye: Davs wrote: I have a q, I have two cats. One of them is positive for FIV. I just found out yesterday. I was wondering if it is alright to keep them together. Theyve never really been apart (since birth). So one really looks for the other. They don’t …

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