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Month: January 2009

  • Interview with Sockington’s Dad

    Cat Guy In The Big Apple With┬áHis Feline Friend Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix here. Do yoo remember my exkloosive Cat’s Meow interview with Sockington, the werld’s most populer cat on Twitter? Well, almost live frum Noo York, heer’s an interview with his owner, Jason Scott. In it, yoo’ll also git to heer the Sockington theeme song! …

  • Cat Weather Balloon

    See the article here. (

  • Can Pets Experience Premenstrual Syndrome?

    Do Basset Hounds suffer from PMS? Kim Pennsylvania Female dogs and cats do not technically menstruate. Intact female pets often experience mild vaginal bleeding when they are in heat, but the bleeding is different from menstruation. The bleeding in pets occurs during ovulation, when the pet is most likely to become pregnant. In people, the …

  • Arizona Cat Adopts Puppy

    Family Cat Becomes Mother Of Kittens and Puppies The Bealey family in Glendale, Arizona recently became temporary foster parents for a puppy when her owner went to the hospital to give birth. The puppy — Pretty — quickly bonded with the Bealey’s cat, who had recently delivered a litter of kittens. Pretty quickly acclimated to …

  • Looking for a Fun Activity This Weekend?

    Winter Fun with Mittens the Sled Riding Cat Unfortunately, it’ll be over 70 degrees in my neighborhood this weekend so we can’t go sledding, but for those of you who are still snowbound, here’s a fun feline activity you might try this weekend! Embedded video from CNN Video In a reader? Click here to view.

  • Update on Lucky, the Petsmart Planter Kitty

    It’s A Sad Ending To A Great Story Our Catster friend Bogdan (above), pointed us to this update to our December post, in which we shared the story of Lucky, a black kitten who was trapped in a planter near Petsmart in San Luis Obispo. After an extraordinary 4-day demolition effort which involved the help …

  • Shelter Rant

    A Heartfelt Letter From An Animal Shelter Manager Our friend Cheysuli (right) forwarded this — it’s a Shelter Rant that first appeared on Craig’s List and is making the rounds. I know we’re probably preaching to the choir, here, but if it gets through to just one person who considers pets disposable, or prompts another …

  • Update on Earless Ernie

    A Happy Ending For This Earless Feline Our Catster buddy Aldo (above) let us know that Earless Ernie has found a new home! Aldo’s family was considering adopting Ernie after reading about him on the Cat’s Meow, and was looking into how to transport him to Baltimore when they found out he’s found a new …

  • Bakersfield Cat Rescued after a Week in a 70-ft Tree

    Seven Days In A Seventy Foot Tree And Dispite It All Buddy’s Is Alright Buddy the Cat, a resident of Bakersfield CA, was rescued Saturday from seven days spent in a tree, which he climbed after being chased by a dog. Harrassed by crows and outspoken in his displeasure at his predicament, Buddy was hauled …

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