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Month: November 2008

  • Vote Against Cruelty

    Whether you want Mittens or Rowdy for President this is a vote you’ll want to cast. The ASPCA is having a Vote Against Cruelty campaign, they are trying to get as many votes as possible before election day. Stop by their site and you can check out the candidates and see where they stand. Read …

  • Cat Owners Really Are Different Than Dog Owners

    The AVMA recently published its U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook which provides tons of data on pet owners across the country. Of course, we all know that cat owners treat their charges like deities, whereas Fido is a dog owner’s buddy, but there were other differences as well. “Our studies have shown that there …

  • Monday Movie: The Competition

    I’ve gone nuts over the concept of cat agility competitions, in which the Bengal above is engaged. So much so, that I recently purchased a dog agility course kit … for the cats. Well, one of the cats: Tripper, the pushin’-20-lbs hunka love who enthusiastically does everything at 100 mph (when he’s not dead asleep …

  • Cats are Purrfect Stress Busters … and more!

    This week, China Daily reported on recent studies promoting the health benefits of cat/pet ownership: Having a pet helps improve many aspects of your health The body of evidence supporting the notion that pet ownership is good for your health grew even fatter this month. A new study, published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, …

  • Salute to Samoa, Violet, Calvin and Family

    Some of our oldest and best Catster friends are Samoa, Violet, Calvin and Autumn (a Dogster, who went to the Bridge last year). Since we’ve known them, their ranks have expanded to include Rocky (a geezer Dogster), Gleek, Spunky, Sugar and Newman. Last night, Samoa and the Gang won a couple of prizes in the …

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