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Month: September 2008

  • A Catster HQ Mystery

    These mysterious shots were placed under the doormat here at Catster HQ this morning. Can you make heads or cat-tails out of them? Because we sure can’t. And this postcard was included as well: Any clues about what this might mean? Leave your comments (reactions?) below. ;-)

  • Why Does my Kitten Want to Play at 4:30 am?

    My four-month-old kitten thinks that play time is 4:30 am. How can we get her out of this behavior? Laura Brentwood, NY Ah, to be a cat! They don’t have to go to work each morning. They get to sleep all day. If people led such lives perhaps we would be interested in playing at …

  • Dry Pet Food Recall: Mars Brands

    Mars Petcare U.S. has announced a voluntary recall of products manufactured at its Everson, Pennsylvania facility. The pet food is being voluntarily recalled because of potential Salmonella contamination. This voluntary recall only affects the United States. Mars Petcare US will work with retail customers to ensure that the recalled products are not on store shelves. …

  • Make Your Cat a TV star!

    9 Lives is running a cat video contest. All you need to do is make a video telling about the bond between you and your cat, submit it, and it could be aired on CBS. Go to the 9 Lives site for details.

  • Why is My New Primary Image Not That Extra Big Size???

    Hi all Welp, it was quite a carnival … but we had to update our code so when people uploaded gif and animated gifs they get sized exactly the same way as all the other images people upload. The reason we hadn’t done that from the beginning is that the .gif image format was actually …

  • Where Did My Friends Go????

    Did your cat’s friend count suddenly drop overnight? Not to fear you’re still entirely love by your pals. A small flea got into our code a couple months ago and duplicate entries were getting adding to our friends database. What this meant was that for each new friend connection you made, two were being added …

  • How Safe are the Newest Flea Preventatives?

    What do you think of Comfortis? I just started giving it to my Labs and wondered about the safety of it. It is doing a good job on the fleas. Scott Tulsa, OK Two popular new flea preventatives have come onto the market recently. One, Comfortis, is an oral pill taken once monthly available only …

  • Can Dogs and Cats Develop Breast Cancer?

    Why does my female Toy Poodle have a knot in the middle of her stomach? She also has a small one close to one of her nipples. She is 7 1/2 years old. I’m getting ready to have her spayed. Kym Caldwell, Ohio The knot in the middle of the stomach sounds suspiciously like the …

  • Top Dog Meows and Purrs About Catster on ‘Internet Superstars’

    Top daaawwwg Ted Rheingold sat down with Martin Sargent on his Revision3 show Internet Superstar and talked a little bit about what’s going down with Catster, Dogster, Snuzzy and the whole shabang! Check it out: Link: [Revision3]

  • Purrfect Weekend for Catster at the Bay Area Pet Fair

    The Bay Area Pet Fair was a huge success this past weekend and it was a great oppurrtunity for like-minded pet owners to get together and share product information, watch superstar pet performances and to take a home a new family member. We at Catster would like to thank those of you who endured the …

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