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Month: May 2008

  • Is Tuna Safe for Cats?

    Is tuna fish safe to give my cats as a treat once in a while? Pauline Philadelphia, PA Unless one of your cats has a medical condition that requires a special diet, I see no problem with giving them a little bit of tuna fish now and then. Tuna has taken a bit of a …

  • Can Pets get Sunburned?

    We live in Denver and love to go hiking in the mountains, where the air is thin, and where natural sun protection is non-existant. Even the tannest of our out-of-state friends needs to be reminded to bring sunblock. But what about their dogs that they bring out for vacation? Can they get sunburned? And if …

  • What Causes Cysts to Fill With Fluid?

    Hello Dr. Barchas, I have a nearly 17-year-old cat who has a benign basal cell cyst on his neck that I empty with a disposable needle every three or four days. I purchase them from the pharmacy and use a fresh one each time. I decided to go this route because of his age and …

  • Pawsome New Breed Profiles

    We’re up to 46 original, Catster-exclusive breed pages. Check ’em out: American Bobtail American Wirehair Anatolian Balinese California Spangled Cat Chantilly/Tiffany Chartreux Colorpoint Shorthair Cornish Rex Devonshire Rex Egyptian Mau European Burmese Havana Brown Javanese Korat LaPerm Minskin Munchkin Nebelung Oriental Ragamuffin Savannah Siberian Singapura Snowshoe Sokoke Somali Tonkinese See 25 more!

  • What Causes Ear Problems in Kittens?

    Dear Dr Barchas- Thank you for being here. I have recently adopted a litttle black cat. He was born in a barn. He has serious abrasions and infection in front of both ears. I have been treating him with Neosporin and a little peroxide. I can not afford to take him to the vet at …

  • New & Improved Catster Video Tools!

    Today we deployed a new video solution on the site. We're super-excited, because it will make our members’ video management experience so much better! If you’ve uploaded videos in the past, all your existing videos will continue to display and play fine and will require no changes. The benefits of this upgrade include the following: …

  • Furrific May Holiday Gifts & Rosettes

    May is full of fun meowlidays, and we have pawresents to celebrate them all! From Cinco de Mayo to Mother’s Day to Memorial Day, you’ll find a surprise for everypet in the Gift Shop. Here are the new Special Gifts: Here are the new Rosettes:

  • What Causes Nosebleeds in Pets?

    My sister’s cat Snooky (an 8-year-old female Maine Coon) has a bleeding nose. My sister thought it was from allergies but the bleeding, while not effusive, has continued. Snooky is eating, drinking normally, energy is normal, no fever, no signs of lethargy or depression. My sister has an appointment with the vet but she is …

  • Check Out Improvements to the Homepage!

    We launched a number of revisions to the homepage back in January in response to feedback meowed in by our members. Weve been keeping a close eye and ear on whats working and what isnt working for you, and weve made some more enhancements based since then. If youre not logged into Catster, you may …

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