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Month: July 2007

  • Why is my cat urinating on the furniture?

    My cat has all of a sudden starting peeing on the furniture. He did that before he was fixed but hasn’t done it again until recently. How do I get him to stop? Jennifer Inappropriate urination (which is the official name for peeing on furniture, carpet, floors, piles of clothing, or anywhere that is inappropriate) …

  • Come Join our Catster Group on Facebook!

    Come Join The Catster Community On Facebook! Hello whisker-lickin’ felines! As mentioned in our last site update, we’re on Facebook, and we’ve made some fun apps for you to play with. We also have a Catster specific group on Facebook, and we would love to have more of our lovely Facebook pals join. Just visit …

  • Do You Facebook? Embed Your Cat Profiles in Your Homepage!

    Embed Your Cat Profiles In Your Facebook Homepage! Tail Waves! We made a couple new Apps for the Facebook Platform. The nifty one Catster member’s will love is ‘MY CATSTER‘. Install this App and we’ll grab your cat profile(s) and you can pick which ones you want to appear in Facebook. We’ll automatically keep their …

  • Wanna be MySpace pals?

    Find Us On MySpace The Dogster Dog and The Catster Cat, new additions to Dogster and Catster, now have pages on MySpace! If you’re on MySpace too, The Dogster Dog and The Catster Cat would love to be friends with you. Please add us! The Dogster Dog on MySpace The Catster Cat on MySpace Woof …

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