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Month: March 2006

  • Are my cat’s problems due to old age?

    I have a cat who is about 13 years old. I am having some concerns about her general health and I’m concerned that “old age” is starting to set in. Over the past few months she has been urinating on the floor in various locations and she has not used her litter box in several …

  • We’re Hiring … Help Us Get Bigger

    Woof and meow! Dogster, Inc. (that’s the silly name we gave our company) is overwhelmed by the passionate usage and growth we’re experiencing in our community. After 2 years of having no choice to do it on our own, we’re finally in a position where we can offer some wonderful full-time positions. We think it …

  • Do my cats need teeth cleanings?

    Dr. Barchas, I have two Siamese-mix cats, brother and sister. They are wonderfully affectionate, loving, loud, soft, shiny kitties. They are nine years old. My question is about teeth cleaning. I think they need it. Their teeth look brown, and their gums are red. It must hurt, although we can’t tell as they are happy, …

  • Having Trouble Getting Emails From Catster?

    Meow meow! What with the state of spam these days we’re hearing more than we’d like that mail clients or spam blockers are pushing emails from us into Bulk or Spam folders. We’ve tried contacting AOL and Yahoo! and it’s like trying to get a kittie to sit for a bath … not happening. Helpful …

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