Month: July 2005

  • NEW: Add Your Cat’s Coloration!

    New Features On Your Catster Profile Puuurrrrrrrs of delight. You now have the option of selecting your cat’s coloration and have it appear on their page. You can set it by editing any cat’s profile in “My Account”. Even better you can search on this in advanced search! We’ve wanted to add this since about …

  • Counting Treats

    Meeeeooow! We have now put the number of actual treats that a kitty has after the treat icon in the cat’s stats area. Meow! Meow! This sure is fun! Make a cat’s day, give a treat for cat’s sake! Don’t forget treats expire after two weeks so keep your kitty’s kitty full ;>

  • Can cats eat dog food?

    Is it okay for cats to eat dog food? J. Yo, Oakland, CA Cats and dogs have unique and specific nutritional needs. Their respective foods are carefully tailored to meet those needs. Cat food, in general, is too rich for most dogs. Dog foods typically lack nutrients that cats need. Therefore, I do not recommend …

  • Many New Features In Forums

    New Features On Forums The forums are really taking off. We can’t believe how much infomration is being shared. It’s really amazing! So we added some new features to make it better. You can now edit posts after you have written them and you can now preview posts before you originally submit them. We …

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