• More Pet Stats

    More Pet Stats

    Aug 16, 2004 — We now track your cat or dog’s page views as well as number of friends. The page views will be counted as of August 13th....

  • Messaging is officially launched!

    Messaging is officially launched!

    Aug 16, 2004 — Hi ho dog and cat lovers! Ever wanted to tell that pug puppy how cute she is? Do you long to get in touch with...

  • What We Scratched Before We Had Catster

    What We Scratched Before We Had Catster

    Aug 7, 2004 — Need more kitties online? Who doesn’t? These are two of our favorites to scratch, Infinite Cat Project and My Cat Hates You. Infinite kitties indeed!

  • Here kitty kitty!

    Here kitty kitty!

    Aug 6, 2004 — Holy cats, we did it! Is this great or what? Catster is live and the cats den is growing faster than we can keep. We...