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Does my kitten need a vet ASAP?

She is normally an active healthy vibrant 5 month old that plays all day with short naps in between but today she slept from 8 am til 7:30 pm, ate a…

ASKED BY Member 1134862 on 10/8/12
TAGGED shivering, lethargic, weakness, kitten, cat, sick, ill IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Please help me with my little kitty. 9 year old persian will not eat. I have been to the vet, they are stumped, me too?

She refuses to eat and now to drink - blood work, xrays and bromine tests all look normal. The vague diagnosis is pancreatitis, with a 50/50 chance…

ASKED BY Member 1098385 on 3/8/12
TAGGED illness, unexplainedillness, bloating, lossofappetite, weakness, refusingfood, refusingtodrink, testsareallnormal IN Illness & Disease

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My female cat of 13yr has recently begin what sounds like snoring or grunting/whimper sound when she sleeps and now awak?

She now makes the sound lying awake.Also noticed an increase in volume as well as frequency of water intake.Some times 15/20min apart. Weaker than…

ASKED BY Member 1075301 on 12/4/11
TAGGED breathing, weakness, excessivewater, respiratory IN Senior Pet

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Whats wrong with my cat? he seems to have a wobbly leg?

We brought my cat to the vet today for a check up and once he was home he acted fine. He was asleep on my bed and he got up and was walking funny…

ASKED BY Member 902910 on 10/19/09
TAGGED walkingfunny, hindlegweakness, reaction IN Health & Wellness