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Why does my kitten have weak legs?

I recently(about 3.5 months ago) adopted a female calico kitten. I believe she about five months old now. She went to the vet a couple of weeks ago to…

ASKED BY Member 1150587 on 1/17/13
TAGGED kitten, female, limp, stiff, leg, hind, weak IN Health & Wellness

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What can I do for my cat? He's not his self?

Today I noticed that my cat was sick. He won't stop meowing and he staggers when he walk and can barely lift himself up. He won't eat and he hides…

ASKED BY Member 1142566 on 11/27/12
TAGGED cat, food, sick, weak, friend, partner, family, meow, meowing, crying, staggering, walk, walking, not, eat IN Health & Wellness

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Does my kitten need a vet ASAP?

She is normally an active healthy vibrant 5 month old that plays all day with short naps in between but today she slept from 8 am til 7:30 pm, ate a…

ASKED BY Member 1134862 on 10/8/12
TAGGED shivering, lethargic, weakness, kitten, cat, sick, ill IN Emergencies & First Aid

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My Kitten looks weak and is quiet and inactive?

Hello, my 6-month old cat Pichuco has stopped meowing and purring like he did, he doesn't want to be held or petted and doesn't come running for his…

ASKED BY Member 1108617 on 5/1/12
TAGGED weak, kitten, inactive, lostofappetite IN Other Behavior & Training

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Please help me with my little kitty. 9 year old persian will not eat. I have been to the vet, they are stumped, me too?

She refuses to eat and now to drink - blood work, xrays and bromine tests all look normal. The vague diagnosis is pancreatitis, with a 50/50 chance…

ASKED BY Member 1098385 on 3/8/12
TAGGED illness, unexplainedillness, bloating, lossofappetite, weakness, refusingfood, refusingtodrink, testsareallnormal IN Illness & Disease

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My female cat of 13yr has recently begin what sounds like snoring or grunting/whimper sound when she sleeps and now awak?

She now makes the sound lying awake.Also noticed an increase in volume as well as frequency of water intake.Some times 15/20min apart. Weaker than…

ASKED BY Member 1075301 on 12/4/11
TAGGED breathing, weakness, excessivewater, respiratory IN Senior Pet

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My cat is weak and won't eat?

My cat won't eat, she seems to be moving slowly (weak?) and her purring is less healthy than it normally is. I've tried to hand feed her and cover her…

ASKED BY Member 904386 on 10/24/09
TAGGED eat, weak, cold IN Health & Wellness

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Whats wrong with my cat? he seems to have a wobbly leg?

We brought my cat to the vet today for a check up and once he was home he acted fine. He was asleep on my bed and he got up and was walking funny…

ASKED BY Member 902910 on 10/19/09
TAGGED walkingfunny, hindlegweakness, reaction IN Health & Wellness

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