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My Two Month Old Kitten Violently Attacks Unprovoked?

I've had this kitten for about 1.5 months & at first she seemed really sweet. She would meow for attention-- come up to me to be pet. Starting a month…

ASKED BY Member 1238058 on 11/26/14
TAGGED biting, scratching, pet, violent, kitten IN Aggression

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I have a 2 yr old male cat. He's always been violent but its getting worse.He scarred my face badly yesterday unprovoked?

I have a male cat called Star who I've raised from a kitten. We have a closer bond than most humans, I love him. He's very intelligent and though he's…

ASKED BY Member 1156112 on 2/20/13
TAGGED violent, unprovoked, attacks IN Aggression

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Why does my cat flip her head violently while playing?

My Cat has always been this way. When ever she would play with another cat or with a simple toy. My cat will flip her head violently. She isn't hurt…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED black, tabby, cat, flips, head, violent, violently, while, playing IN Socialization

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My cat has gone crazy, what do i do?

I have two cats, both are female. One of my cats had three kittens, which are now around 10 weeks old. The other cat has usually been very…

ASKED BY Member 1081059 on 12/31/11
TAGGED crazy, violent, cat IN Health & Wellness

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HELP! I have 3 female cats and recently one has suddenly turned on 1 of the other cats. They used to get along great?

Jessie is my older cat, she is 3 and she is the one being attacked. Tabby is the one attacking and she is 2, we also have a 6 month old kitten…

ASKED BY Member 786004 on 1/1/09
TAGGED cats, fights, violent, female, multiplecats IN The Catster Website