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Urinary tract infection, should my cat have difficulty peeing after having a catheter overnight?

My cat had a urinary blockage. He went to the clinic yesterday they kept him over night and inserted a catheter; the vet said that he thinks he should…

ASKED BY Member 1218749 3 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED senior, urinarytract, catheter, postcatheter, peeingdifficulties IN Illness & Disease

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HELP my cat has recently had a mood change. more info in detail?

I have a 2-3 yr old male neutered cat. he recently started to pee everywhere so we took him to the vet. turned out he had a urinary tract infection…

ASKED BY Member 1153821 on 2/5/13
TAGGED behavioral, urinary, tract, infection IN Health & Wellness

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Vet said the food i am feeding my cats may kill them?

I feed all my cats GO and Halo dry and wet food. well i took my male kitten to the vet and he told me i should put them on science diet because male…

ASKED BY Member 1000025 on 6/30/12
TAGGED food, urinaryblockage IN Other Food & Nutrition


Anyone have suggestions for alternative food options to Royal Canin Urinary SO Cat food?

Back in February one of my cats was diagnosed with having crystals in her bladder making it painful for her to urinate. My vet prescribed Royal Canin…

ASKED BY Lola on 6/19/12
TAGGED urinaryso, catfood, sickness IN Pet Food

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My cat peed on the couch again- going to vet again, bet she has a URI for the second time. How can I stop this?

She had a URI a couple of months ago. We went to vet and got meds and special food. We kept her on the food and finished her meds up. I feel bad- but…

ASKED BY Member 1063774 on 10/15/11
TAGGED caturinating, urinarytrackinfections IN Health & Wellness


Any natural supplements for urinary health?

Well Marshall went back into the vet for a urinalysis after his urethral blockage and he still has a bad infection. They are giving him yet more…

ASKED BY Marshall on 9/14/11
TAGGED urinary, bladder, infection, natural, homeopathic, illness IN Alternative Treatments

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Used to feed Wellness canned, now I need a non-seafood-flavored PATE alternate to Hill's Prescription c/d. Help?

Three neutered male cats, one very finicky, all love Wellness canned food but they are all developing crystals. They're currently on Hill's…

ASKED BY Member 379590 on 4/28/11
TAGGED urinaryhealth, prescription IN Food & Nutrition


Possible urinary track infection?

Oscar has been starring into one of his litter boxes on and off for 10-15min at a time over the past few days. He is using both boxes and I clean them…

ASKED BY Oscar on 6/27/10
TAGGED litterbox, urinarytrack IN Health & Wellness

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