My cat Fay is terrified of the ceiling fan, she wont come out from under the bed as long as its on?

Any ideas on how to help her not fear the fan? I dont want her to spend the summer under the bed.

ASKED BY Fay on 5/11/14
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Non-social siamese is now peeing on couch. How do I get her to stop?

We adopted a siamese about a year or more ago. We had 2 other cats and 2 small dogs. She was nice until she became an adolescent. She has clawed…

ASKED BY Member 1118083 on 6/28/12
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Female cat had female organs removed but the vet left a small part in which causes he to go into heat. afterwards she be?

she is about four years old and has been in good health except this time after being in heat she just hides and like i said she is really a friendly…

ASKED BY Member 1040869 on 7/14/11
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