I am trying to determine what breed my kitty's dad is?

I am trying to determine the daddy of my kitten. Her mom is a siamese mix with some tabby striping, which is where she gets the stripes. She is 8wks…

ASKED BY Nala on 5/20/13
TAGGED siamese, tabby, stripes, spots, kitten, breeds, mixed IN Breeds

Isabel   In Loving Memory

My 13 yr old Izzy kitty was recently diagnosed with cancer on her leg?

She is otherwise in good health with a stable thyroid disorder and mild kidney disease. After a lot of education and self exploration we are…

ASKED BY Isabel In Loving Memory on 12/10/12
TAGGED senior, tripod, cancer, amputation IN Health & Wellness

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Other American Ringtail cats in California?

I adopted our cat last year from the local animal shelter. He has the markings of a typical short hair, brown tabby with the spots and stripes. I…

ASKED BY Member 1032415 on 8/17/11
TAGGED ringtail, breed, tail, train, american, california, tabby, spots, stripes IN American Ringtail


Should I take my kitties for a check up?

My cat, Patsy is 15 years old. She is in no pain, but she is losing her sight and hearing slightly.. She has no visible joint problems or anything, no…

ASKED BY Patsy on 10/13/10
TAGGED old, cat, vet, trip, health IN Senior Pet

♥ Socko ♥

Is it possible to make a special wallpaper for your cat without upgrading to CatsterPlus?

I want to give my kitten Socko a cool tiger stripes wallpaper, and possibly some other kind of wallpaper for my other two cats. However, I'm not on…

ASKED BY ♥ Socko ♥ on 8/22/10
TAGGED background, tigerstripes IN My Account

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Will my cat forget who I am after a two and a half month trip?

My cat, Benmont, and I are very close. He "plays tag" with me, follows me, and rides around on my shoulder. He's one of the biggest joys in my life…

ASKED BY Member 992292 on 6/13/10
TAGGED absencememorytriplove IN Travel & Recreation

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I dont know my cats breed. it has long orange fur with darker orange stripes. it barely sheds?

he is a stray so he might be a mixed breed.

ASKED BY Member 933264 on 12/27/09
TAGGED stray, longhaired, orange, striped IN Breeds

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