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Keally Cat

How to deal with your cat getting stuck?

Indoor/outdoor cat. Loves exploring. Will climb trees, every once in awhile will get brave and end up on the roof. She, then, is too scared to jump…

ASKED BY Keally Cat 2 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED stuck, trees, roofs IN Fears & Phobias


Are those expensive cat trees actually worth it?

I've been looking into buying some more furniture for my kitty. She is currently only 6 weeks old, so if I were to buy one of those tall and complex…

ASKED BY Suzi on 7/24/14
TAGGED furniture, beds, trees, condos IN Beds


Preventing male attacks on unneutered male?

So, the last question I asked was answered and I was happy with it but here's another question towards the same point. Long story short - my kitten…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/6/13
TAGGED unneutered, cats, male, kitten, attacks, attack, yuki, as, soon, possible, neutering, male, female, mate, hurt, injuries, owner, breed, yuki, outdoors, street IN Health & Safety


Why did my cat stop using his "cat tree" for sleeping and scratching?

I have an almost-six-year-old male cat who adopted me when he was about 12 weeks old. He's never shown much interest in beds or toys that I buy him…

ASKED BY Sam on 5/31/13
TAGGED cattree, scratchingpost, preferences IN Scratching

Guest Member Since

How to clean a dirty cat tree?

You know, those carpeted contraptions with shelves of various heights for cats to climb on and lounge in? My two cats have been loving their cat…

ASKED BY Member 1145461 on 12/16/12
TAGGED cattree, cleaning, steamcleaning, dirty IN Pet Products


How can I prevent my kitten from eating pine needles?

Obviously tell me something besides "sweep it up" please. What can happen if he does eat them? And what steps can I take to prevent them?

ASKED BY Chubs on 11/24/12
TAGGED christmas, tree, kitten, pineneedles, holidays, prevention, swallowing IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

Guest Member Since

Looking for design ideas for cat tree and ramp (2-3 steps) for 2-year-old moderately impaired CH (spastic) kitty?

She uses the tree and steps on her own, but it can be nerve-racking! I was thinking of a tree where the steps would decrease in size as they went…

ASKED BY Member 1112482 on 5/24/12
TAGGED wobbliecats, cattrees, ramps IN Pet Products

Guest Member Since

I have a maine coon mix who loves and lives to be up high, but can't find any meant for large cats like him?

They are to wobble and the platforms are too small.

ASKED BY Member 1089691 on 2/4/12
TAGGED cattrees, catfurniture, catcondos IN Toys

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