Can my kitty be trained to know when I'm sad?

I struggle with a couple of mental illnesses such as depression and Anxiety and I would like to know if it was possible to train my kitty to know when…

ASKED BY Selina on 7/7/15
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Do I punish my cat for sneaking out or reward her for staying close and coming back when I call her?

My cat is a year and a half and was mostly an indoor cat. She is very attached to me and always has to be in the same room as me. I recently…

ASKED BY Member 1248849 on 7/2/15
TAGGED outdoortraining IN Methods of Training

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My kitten has a new habit of peeing on my bed...HELP?

Ive had my kitten for about 3 weeks now and she is 3-4 months old and is spayed. She has gotten in the habit of peeing on my bed as of almost 2 weeks…

ASKED BY Member 1242284 on 2/12/15
TAGGED peeing, behavior, kitten, training, habits IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Why does my cat act this way, and how to teach him not to ?

I have two cats who we adopted at a very young age. They were too young to be removed from the mother cat, but for one of my cats the mothercat was…

ASKED BY Member 1240133 on 1/4/15
TAGGED behavior, training, cat, cats, miauw, attack, hunt, eyes, fight, twocats, state, help IN Behavior & Training

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Serious biter! SOS?

He´s 3 months old and has been with us (husband and I) for a month. I´ve tried everything: saying "no" firmly, clapping, ignoring him, a…

ASKED BY Member 1237801 on 11/21/14
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Please help! My 5 month old boy is a serious biter! He stops responding to each method listed below after a week or two?

I adopted Riolu almost 2 months ago and his overall behaviour improves all the time, but I can't get him to stop biting! He shows a lot of signs of…

ASKED BY Member 1233642 on 9/8/14
TAGGED biting, kitten, play, food, behaviour, training, aggression IN Behavior & Training

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How do I litter box train my 8 week old kitten?

My 8 week old kitten is new to my house. She needs to get her injections in a few days. But the problem is, she will use the litter box when I…

ASKED BY Member 1232790 on 8/25/14
TAGGED kitten, litterbox, litter, training IN Litter Box Training

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I recently got a kitten who is 10 weeks old it is a semi punch fawn color persian kitten and i have some quries…

Firstly, at times she goes extremely highper she runs from here and there and acts all crazy why is this so? cause persian cats are supposed to be all…

ASKED BY Member 1206986 on 6/24/14
TAGGED behaviourtraining IN Methods of Training

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