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What's less stressful a situation for a cat for 2 weeks, sharing a space with another cat, or being alone 23 hours a day?

So context, if anyone is willing to read in case in may help/since the 120 character version makes me sound a bit crappy: We used to be catless…

ASKED BY Member 1247626 on 6/5/15
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Tips for looking after a very young kitten?

I just recently took in a tiny black kitten (I named him Monty), whose mother has died. I think a kitten is supposed to be 9 weeks before you can…

ASKED BY Member 1145971 on 12/19/12
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How to train a kitten to stay out of a certain room?

Hello, I recently adopted a five month old kitten named Nova. He's a little ball of sunshine, just as sweet as can be. But the only thing I'm…

ASKED BY nn on 8/17/12
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