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Our new ASPCA cat doesn't know how to play. How can we teach her?

Our new cat who lived most of her 2 1/2 year life in a no-kill SPCA shelter, doesn't seem to know how to play. We've tried all kinds of toys, cat…

ASKED BY Pumpkin Seed on 7/20/13
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Whats the best way to have a cat learn its name?

i just got a 4 month tabby cat. im trying to get it to learn its name.

ASKED BY Member 1128520 on 8/30/12
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My kitten never had a mom 2 teach her 2 clean herself. How do I teach her 2 clean herself? Doing it for her isnt working?

Background info: We just got a new kitten. She's only 6 weeks old. Her mother died early so she was eyedropper fed for a while until she decided she…

ASKED BY Member 1003891 on 9/11/10
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How to stop my cat from jumping on the entertainment center, bouncing off my LCD screen?

My male 2yr old loves jumping on the entertainment center. We hate it. He always would bounce off the TV screen. It wasn't a HUGE deal because it…

ASKED BY Member 938548 on 1/15/10
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