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My cat ate string! What should I do?

My 2.5 YO ragdoll ate some cotton string a couple of hours ago. I was sewing something while she was asleep in another room, left briefly to get…

ASKED BY Member 1249720 on 7/26/15
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My cat got some "arthritis hot deep penetration pain relief cream" in her mouth?

She got a small, thin amount on her mouth and my mom wiped it out. She started creating like a very thick saliva and spiting it. I was trying to…

ASKED BY Member 1214572 on 3/6/14
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Cat swallowed thread and is very inactive. Vet asked to wait for 24hrs before we can deside whether she needs surgery?

Bobo (just turned one three days ago) had been vomitting bile all day yesterday.She stopped this morning but i took her to the vet anyway. Her vet…

ASKED BY Member 1112908 on 5/28/12
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My 4-mo old kitten ate the hand off an action figure! It was maybe one cm long without any sharp edges. Can he poop it?

My kitten is 4 months old (and pretty big already) but he is a total disaster. I was cleaning up a room and he hopped up on a shelf, chewed the hand…

ASKED BY Member 1016538 on 12/22/10
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