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My cat got some "arthritis hot deep penetration pain relief cream" in her mouth?

She got a small, thin amount on her mouth and my mom wiped it out. She started creating like a very thick saliva and spiting it. I was trying to…

ASKED BY Member 1214572 on 3/6/14
TAGGED cat, swallow, arthritiscream, emergency, water, swallowing, swallowed IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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My longhaired yellow tabby pulls out hair as he is grooming and eats it. Why?

He has plenty of hair and is in no danger of baldness. But he has bouts of trouble swallowing and will sit swallowing over and over for 20 minutes…

ASKED BY Member 1187960 on 8/31/13
TAGGED hair, swallowing IN Grooming

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Does anyone know what to do about a cat not being able to swallow?

my cat casper is 13 years old. within the last three weeks he has not been eating or drinking. we gave him fluids through a sub q thing that the vet…

ASKED BY Member 1187286 on 8/26/13
TAGGED eating, weightloss, cantswallow, help, cat, drink, illness IN Illness & Disease


Is my cat having trouble swallowing?

Our 7-month-old kitten started doing something odd two days ago. After lapping up water, he'll extend his neck and make repeated swallowing…

ASKED BY Bowski on 1/28/13
TAGGED swallowing, uri IN Other Health & Wellness

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I am a professional jeweler and I work at home. I really want to adopt a kitten but?

I'm afraid he might swallow any of the tiny components I work with. Can I do something to prevent that?

ASKED BY Member 1144569 on 12/10/12
TAGGED swallowingforeignobjects IN Swallowing Foreign Objects


How can I prevent my kitten from eating pine needles?

Obviously tell me something besides "sweep it up" please. What can happen if he does eat them? And what steps can I take to prevent them?

ASKED BY Chubs on 11/24/12
TAGGED christmas, tree, kitten, pineneedles, holidays, prevention, swallowing IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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Cat swallowed thread and is very inactive. Vet asked to wait for 24hrs before we can deside whether she needs surgery?

Bobo (just turned one three days ago) had been vomitting bile all day yesterday.She stopped this morning but i took her to the vet anyway. Her vet…

ASKED BY Member 1112908 on 5/28/12
TAGGED thread, swallowed, vomitted, bile IN Health & Wellness

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