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My 7 month old kitten has been vomiting the past few days...loss of appetite.…

My 7 month old kitten started vomiting her food a few days ago... I believed it was due to eating too much too quickly or maybe due to the hot to cold…

ASKED BY Member 1238337 on 12/2/14
TAGGED kittensickvomitinglossofappetitehelp IN Illness & Disease

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2 year-old cat is pooping on bed and now sofa - help?

I don't know what to do about this and I really want to avoid rehoming our adorable male cat. We have two cats. Peetie, the male (2-years old) has…

ASKED BY Member 1213433 on 2/27/14
TAGGED soiling, poop, marking, anxiety, separation, bed, sofa IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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My cat is 17 years old barely eats, is throwing up and has bloody diarrhea?

My cat is 17 years old, 4 lbs, and throwing up after eating. She has almost stopped eating all together and what little she does eat, she usually…

ASKED BY Member 1184697 on 8/8/13
TAGGED sick, throwingup, vomiting, old, senior, bloody, diarrhea, noteating, lossofappetite, dehydration, ill IN Emergencies & First Aid

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How can I keep my cat off my chair?

My 1yo kitty, Michio, won't stay off /my/ chair. I have another 3yo cat, Snerf who never goes on any furniture. He stays off all the sofas, and…

ASKED BY Member 1164411 on 5/1/13
TAGGED sofa, couch, chair, train, steal IN Methods of Training

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Why did my 2 year old cat die?

Yesterday I came home and my 2 year old Tabby Betty was dead on the kitchen floor. There were pools of green vomit around her and she was stiff with…

ASKED BY Member 1166273 on 4/21/13
TAGGED dead, vomit, lossofappetite IN Health & Wellness


Kitten not wanting to eat with loose tooth?

Ditto is 6 months old, and was feeling sickly after being neutered. I took him to the vet today and found out he has a respiratory infection, and he's…

ASKED BY Ditto on 3/4/13
TAGGED kitten, loosetooth, lossofapetite, repiratoryinfection IN Health & Wellness

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Kitten constantly sleeping 2 days after neuter?

First time cat owner, so I don't really know what's normal. My 6 month old kitten got neutered on Friday (two days ago). He was energetic (he…

ASKED BY Member 1157832 on 3/3/13
TAGGED neuter, lossofappetite, sleeping IN Spaying & Neutering

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