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My cat would put a sock in her mouth and carry it near me while meowing horribly only during my 4 pregnancies. Curious?

She never had her own litter and wasn't taken from her litter too soon. She would also guard their crib until they were older and meow horribly if…

ASKED BY Member 1228204 on 6/6/14
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I need help with de-fleaing my two eighteen week old kittens URGENTLY?

My kittens are eighteen weeks old and I need help de-fleaing them,I need to know what things to use and how to use them,they love to scratch and…

ASKED BY Member 1133290 on 9/28/12
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Why does my cat suddenly hate my other cat? And why does she retrieve socks and bring them to the living room?

We have a 3 year old female cat we adopted as a kitten. She has always gotten along fine with our other male cat. Both are fixed, and they ignore each…

ASKED BY Member 1125232 on 8/11/12
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