How can I stop my cat from meowing at 6am?

Lately it's been very hot outside and my house doesn't have AC. Since the temperature has risen, my cat has been very restless from 6am on. She gets…

ASKED BY Tudi 1 day, 19 hours ago
TAGGED meowing, scratching, restlessness, heat, sleep IN Behavior & Training

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How do I stop my cat from waking me up 3 times a night?

My 3 year old male/neutered cat was put on a diet by his Vet 6 months ago for UTIs and Weight Management. For the last 3 months, he has done…

ASKED BY Member 1232144 on 8/17/14
TAGGED sleep, whining, crying, needy IN Behavior & Training


How do I get Tibby to stop biting me in my sleep?

Tibby is new to my home and he lives with my brother and I. I keep him in my room overnight because I fear my brother will leave one of the doors open…

ASKED BY Tibby on 5/18/14
TAGGED biting, night, sleep, play, fiv IN Behavior & Training

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How do I get her to sleep at night?

Her name is Billie Jean.7 month old, female. Meowing, peeing and scratching... I haven't taken her to the vet because I'm almost positive its…

ASKED BY Member 1224259 on 5/1/14
TAGGED scratching, meowing, sleep, kitten, female IN Behavior & Training

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How do gett cats to leave my door alone at night?

I just got 3 7 month old cats. I'm the type of person who can not sleep with my bedroom door open no matter what, so I leave the cats out so they have…

ASKED BY Member 1220752 on 4/7/14
TAGGED sleeping IN Other Behavior & Training


Does Clindacure (antibiotic) make cats very thirsty and sleep a lot?

Luft has been taking 1mL of Clindacure every 12 hours (as directed by vet) and he seems to be very thirsty...he's been drinking a large amount of…

ASKED BY Luft on 3/1/14
TAGGED clindacure, antibiotic, thirst, sleepy IN Health & Wellness

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18 year old cat won't eat or drink, vomits everything, isn't sleeping, seems worried, don't know what's wrong with her?

My cat Yoda is almost 19. She's an indoor cat who has been pretty healthy her whole life. She's always had issues with vomiting if she has dairy or…

ASKED BY Member 1212153 on 2/20/14
TAGGED vomiting, noteating, notsleeping IN Health & Wellness

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