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Am I feeding my kittens enough?

I did some research and have settled on feeding my 2 4-month old kittens Wellness canned kitten food. I've been putting ~6oz of canned food out at…

ASKED BY Member 1129739 on 9/7/12
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Wallace - My Little Angel

2 male neutered cats, younger gets possessive if any toys are around. Hard-headed. Discipline advice?

Wallace: 1 year old, neutered male, had for 6 months Neuton: 6 mo old, neutered male, had for 3 weeks Both get along very well playing. Had an oddly…

ASKED BY Wallace - My Little Angel on 1/25/12
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My cat refuses to let my new kitten sleep in bed with my husband and me?

I recently adopted a kitten last Thursday. I have another cat who is 4yrs. old and has more or less accepted the new kitty. He lets her roam around…

ASKED BY Member 876649 on 9/14/09
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kaya skye

How do i get my kittens on one forum badge? do i have to set up a kaya skye n shyloh page?

so many times i post in a forum and it really concerns both kittens...they belong to several groups together. i would like to have the option of…

ASKED BY kaya skye on 1/21/08
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