Why did my cat stop using his "cat tree" for sleeping and scratching?

I have an almost-six-year-old male cat who adopted me when he was about 12 weeks old. He's never shown much interest in beds or toys that I buy him…

ASKED BY Sam on 5/31/13
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Less than 1 year old tabby uses my carpeted steps for a scratching post. What can I use to deter him?

We have a couple scratching posts, one near the carpeted steps, but he chooses the steps. He also has a six foot kitty condo and rarely uses the…

ASKED BY Queenie on 8/14/11
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I'm living in china with my cat, but there's no cat litter, what could i use in it's place? And a scratching post?

i'm living in china, there's no cat litter! There's cat food and some toys, no scratching post or anything like that. What could i use in place of cat…

ASKED BY Member 1004279 on 9/15/10
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Is it possible to train a 6 year old cat to scratch on device instead of carpet? I can't seem to break him of it?

Toro used a scratching post just a few times but much prefers the carpet. Its' getting so bad the carpet has all these pulls coming up. I even…

ASKED BY Toro on 8/20/10
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