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My one year old cat plays a little too rough and gives me scratches and cuts everywhere. How to make her stop?

My cat is about a year old and very sweet and playful. She rarely wants me to pet her but always wants to play, even the minute she opens her eyes…

ASKED BY Member 1210592 on 1/20/14
TAGGED scratches, bites, rough IN Aggression


Why is my cat having nightmares?

My cat has been shaking and kicking like crazy when he sleeps for the past two weeks, and I'm thinking it's because of my boyfriend, but just wanted…

ASKED BY Kito on 9/9/13
TAGGED sleep, nightmares, playing, rough, kicking, shaking IN Other Behavior & Training

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My cat is biting the testicle area of my other neutered cat?

My older 11 month old spayed cat is biting and scratching the testicle area of my just neutered 5 month old. Can anyone explain this and how can…

ASKED BY Member 1185239 on 8/12/13
TAGGED roughhousing, chasing IN Aggression

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How can i get my main coon to get along with our new kitten?

We've had a main coon for 2 1/2 yrs, he has always played very rough & is very territorial...We got a new kitten about 5 days ago and she is…

ASKED BY Member 1002775 on 9/1/10
TAGGED rougholdercatmeantokitten IN Aggression

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Is it normal for a mother cat to kick and bite at her 2-week old kitten? More details below.…

I picked up a young pregnant stray about a month ago. She had 3 beautiful kittens 2 weeks ago and everything went well. About 3 days ago she went into…

ASKED BY Member 983973 on 4/27/10
TAGGED kittens, heat, playingrough IN Health & Safety


Older stray and getting him used to others in house?

I found a stray a few months ago and he has been living in my basement with a screen in fron of the door for my other cats to see and smell him. My…

ASKED BY Monkey on 10/9/09
TAGGED stray, malecat, roughplayer IN Aggression

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My kitten likes to play rough and he just scratched my youngest really bad. What should I do?

I have a kitten that was abandoned. I don't know his exact age but he was really tiny when I found him. He is getting bigger now (I have had him for a…

ASKED BY Member 840880 on 5/28/09
TAGGED scratching, biting, roughplay IN Behavior & Training

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