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Moving my cat across country: cargo or pet relocation service?

I am moving across country. I've made a vet appointment for Monday to discuss this with him too but I want some additional input. The airline…

ASKED BY Member 1184967 on 8/10/13
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Im relocating 2 a diffrnt area,n mines an adopted street cat,how do we take it der?is it safe?do i leave it here?

My cat was from a litter of 3, n its mother was a street cat who v used to feed. dis was d only cat who stayed back, it used to be th its mom n den…

ASKED BY Member 1126340 on 8/18/12
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How do I train a cat to come home? He goes out to play but can't find his way back..…

We have an 18 month old cat that we got from a rescue shelter. He wants to go outside but when he leaves us he gets lost. He has done this twice and…

ASKED BY Member 893710 on 9/26/09
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