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Why does my cat pull out her fur on her tummy and on both lower legs? She has bad poops and I have no money to go to vet?

I know that many people have answered these kinds of questions before. Firsts I'd like to say that my cat doesn't have worms. We have already had that…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED food, pull, out, fur, hair, skinny, small, slender, cat, kitten, female, stress, poop, smell, bad, squirts, liquid, loud, meow, cries, cry, moving, licking, over, grooming, hates, picked, up, diet IN Illness & Disease

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My cat male age 5 has been losing tufts of fur. I see them here and there on the floor. Imagine my surprise when I saw?

My cat, Purrcy age 5 male has begun to pull his fur out in tufts. He acts as though something is itching him and keeps at it with his teeth till he…

ASKED BY Member 1125144 on 8/11/12
TAGGED pullingoutfur IN Behavior & Training

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Stressed Kitty, please help.…

My cat is 22 years old and has always been a bit scaredy but recently I have had to spend a lot of time away and she has started tearing chunks of fur…

ASKED BY Member 1121442 on 7/19/12
TAGGED stress, lonely, furpulling, cones IN Other Health & Wellness


Socks is pulling my hair out?

My 7 year old short haired cat, Socks, has been biting and pulling on my hair for a few months. She grooms me sometimes, but this is different…

ASKED BY Socks on 9/11/10
TAGGED pullinghairoutchewingbiting IN Behavior & Training

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My cat was spayed on Tuesday morning, it is now Saturday night. She just pulled out her stitches. She isn't bleeding a?

My cat was spayed at my parent's vet, an hour away. I am unable to go back there tonight and I haven't yet found a vet in my area. If it is still a…

ASKED BY Member 942316 on 1/30/10
TAGGED spay, pulledoutstitches IN Emergencies & First Aid


My ten week old kitten keeps pulling fur off of my two older cats. How would I go about stopping this behavior? (He is?

Kitten is not being aggressive as far as I can tell, he is just playing.

ASKED BY Pixie on 11/18/09
TAGGED fur, play, pullingfur IN Kittens

Emmett Brown

Cat moving clothes?

I have no idea why Emmett is doing this, but he keeps going into the dresser/ closets and pulling out only his human Dad's shirts! This morning…

ASKED BY Emmett Brown on 10/13/09
TAGGED pullingclothes, draggingclothes, stealing, men, unusual IN Other Behavior & Training

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