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Help. my dog wants to bite my kitten?

i got a new kitten which is named toby but i have a maltipoo which is called lili. the first time they saw each other my dad was holding toby and lili…

ASKED BY Member 1225289 on 5/6/14
TAGGED dogsandkittenproblem IN Other Behavior & Training


I use to have a cat and she would pee and poop every where. And now are new kitten is using the bathroom n same spots?

I can't get the kitten to stop using the bathroom behind he couch. It's not all the time but it's enough to where it needs to stop. I have a one…

ASKED BY Sketch on 5/6/14
TAGGED kitten, bathroomproblems IN Kittens

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Are my cats injuries serious? This morning my two 8 moth old me cats Sylvester and Greyson got into a fight, we don't kn?

I'm probably not able to take them to the vet. Only if absolutely serious problem. I don't know what to do for them.

ASKED BY Member 1208749 on 1/10/14
TAGGED cat, injured, male, eyeproblem, fight, help IN Health & Wellness

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My 1 year old Tabby has been having trouble urinating?

My 1 year old Tabby has been having trouble urinating. He took a big piss last night and a smaller one this morning. I took him to the vet, and they…

ASKED BY Member 1206334 on 12/28/13
TAGGED urinating, problem, uti, crystals IN Other Health & Wellness


Can mother cats sense mental problems as well as physical illnesses?

My cat Frootloops was born into a litter with 2 other kittens, both male (she's female). Her mother was a very friendly, sweet cat, but for some…

ASKED BY Frootloops on 12/12/13
TAGGED nursing, mothers, queens, kittens, abandonment, mental, problems IN Illness & Disease

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Dark spot under pupil?

Hey guys my 15 year old cat developed a dark spot at the very bottom of his pupil and over the past year is has grown and covers a good portion of the…

ASKED BY Member 1200823 on 11/22/13
TAGGED eyeproblems IN Health & Wellness

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Help! My cat is becoming skittish because of stray cats fighting at night?

Ok so my cat is 11 months old, he's male and fixed. Up until about a month ago he was the most amazing cat I had ever met, friendly, playful and…

ASKED BY Member 1198037 on 11/6/13
TAGGED kitten, help, problem, fighting, strays IN Kittens

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