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My cat doesn't do anything with me anymore... Someone PLEASE HELPPPP.... I WANT HER BACK.…

I got my cat a couple Christmases ago and she used to always come on my lap and lay down and sleep, she used to follow me around the house, she doesnt…

ASKED BY Member 1247116 on 5/24/15
TAGGED help, please IN Socialization

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Difficulties introducing a new cat! Advice please?

I have a 6 year old cat and recently received a new 8 year old cat. The new cat has been living in a separate room for the past week and is very…

ASKED BY Member 1238340 on 12/2/14
TAGGED cats, help, new, please IN Behavior & Training

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Tortoise she'll has turned aggressive and keeps attacking me and my dad! Please help us?

Last night I had some cat videos up on YouTube, which did not bother my tortoise shell at all and it never has. I then clicked on another video and…

ASKED BY Member 1236587 on 10/31/14
TAGGED tortoiseshell, cat, help, please, aggressive, clawing, biting, hurting, terrified, upset, scared, spraying, aggression, help, help, help IN Aggression

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My cat has an oozing and gaping hole above his anus. PLEASE HELP?

Hello, my cat, Jet has an open hole/wound above his anus and the area surrounding this is very pink and slightly oozy. There is a long vertical scab…

ASKED BY Member 1232860 on 8/26/14
TAGGED cat, anus, recent, urgent, please, help, infected IN Illness & Disease

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Cats fighting need help please?

Ok I have 2 female cats both fixed and last year my neighbour brought her cat into my house when I was not home and my cats started to attack each…

ASKED BY Member 1216478 on 3/17/14
TAGGED sister, cats, fighting, helpplease IN Aggression

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My baby prince has a bump?

My baby prince has a bump on his nose it is a very pail pinkish color it does not seem to bother him to touch been putting ointment on it hoping it…

ASKED BY Member 1206882 on 12/31/13
TAGGED pleasehelpanyone IN Illness & Disease

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My cat has fleas which won't go, and I have used recommended shoes to stop him scratching which made his feet swell help?

My cat has fleas which I cannot get rid of. I have tried everything and they will not go. I am assuming he is allergic as he has lost all fur on his…

ASKED BY Member 1201297 on 11/25/13
TAGGED cat, fleas, swollenfeet, blood, hairloss, wounds, excessivegrooming, constantscratching, pleasehelp IN Health & Wellness

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