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Why does my cat only eat freshly scooped food?

I have a one and a half year old female domestic short hair. She has always been very particular about her eating habits, but until now I never…

ASKED BY Member 1196930 on 10/30/13
TAGGED eatinghabits, food, water, eating, picky IN Other Food & Nutrition

Kaylee & Amelia

How to get a kitten to eat consistently without hand feeding it?

Kaylee and Amelia, 5 1/2 month old sister kittens, early spays, although Kaylee is bigger while Amelia is skinny. I leave out two bowls of water and…

ASKED BY Kaylee & Amelia on 9/26/13
TAGGED kittens, picky, handfed, nutrition IN Kittens

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Cat's being weird after I switched his food?

My cat has been farting a lot and not happily eating his new dry food, even though I upgraded to healthier food and got him off the cheap stuff…

ASKED BY Member 1176897 on 6/24/13
TAGGED help, cat, fart, picky, noteating IN Pet Food


Hi, my cat wants to eat only treats?

Hi, I my cat is really spoilt. She wants to live on treats only. If I get her a new kind of wet or dry food, she would eat it happily for a few days…

ASKED BY Dauji on 1/23/12
TAGGED treats, food, picky IN Treats


Dry Food vs. Store Wet Food vs. Raw Food and Home-made food?

I have heard many times that wet food is better than dry food. What about canned wet food vs my homemade wet food? I crushed up my cats dry kibble…

ASKED BY Sammy on 4/29/11
TAGGED finicky, picky, eat, food, wet, dry, health, healthy, nutrition, benefit IN Pet Food


Why does my cat drop her food?(she is still eating okay but it would be better if she ate more and gained a few pounds)?

She takes a piece of food away from her bowl.When she has it in her mouth she acts like she's chewing but it isn't chewed at all.It falls out of her…

ASKED BY Sammy on 4/29/11
TAGGED food, drop, eat, weight, chew, picky, finicky, dryfood, wetfood IN Other Health & Wellness


Oscar won't eat "chunky" wet food. Are texture issues normal? Wet food suggestions, please?

Oscar is 7 months and eats "Life's Abundance" Dry Food and loves it. But I have to give him 1-2 tbsps of wet food every morning & evening to mix in…

ASKED BY Oscar on 2/23/09
TAGGED kitten, wetfood, chunks, picky IN Food & Nutrition

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Sphynx kitten really picky eaters. Even about eating from there mom. Should i be worried about buying one?

I recently put a down payment on a Sphynx kitten and have been waiting for it to be old enough to bring it home. The breeder has just informed me that…

ASKED BY Member 794539 on 1/19/09
TAGGED pickyeater, food, dehydrated IN Food & Nutrition

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