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Cat has missing hair, very needy, drinks a lot of water, is cold, pees a lot, wheezes & goes through cycles of vomiting?

He is 5 years old, came from the humane society missing his undercoat. I was told it was allergy to fleas, but he has been continually treated for…

ASKED BY Member 1253028 on 10/27/15
TAGGED vomiting, missinghair, cold, wheezes, peesalot IN Health & Wellness

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Is my cat peeing on my bed because I don't give him on the spot attention?

My cat Bobo is about 6 months old and is neutered. Recently he has started peeing on my bed. Within the past month, he has peed on the bed three times…

ASKED BY Member 1200977 on 11/23/13
TAGGED peeing, bed, pee, pees, at, night, lack, of, attention IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

Izadore (Izzie)

Do you need help with cat urine odors and stains?

A lot of questions on this page deal with cat urine odors and stains. We know that if a cat smells herself on carpeting, clothing or bedding, she'll…

ASKED BY Izadore (Izzie) on 9/18/13
TAGGED peestainandodorremoval IN Pet Products

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We have a 3 yr old spay female cat who is peeing in weird places since we brought our dog home 2 ys ago. NO UTI?

We have a 3 year old spayed female cat who was perfect UNTIL we brought an 8 wk old puppy home two years ago. Since then, Emer kitty has decided…

ASKED BY Member 1100959 on 3/20/12
TAGGED cathatesdog, peesinweirdplaces, hatesowner IN Behavior & Training

Baby Love

My Cat doesn't step all the way in the liter box and pees on the floor next to it?

I have a 3 year old snowshoe who will not step all the way into the liter box. She hangs over with her butt and pees on the floor. If she goes poop…

ASKED BY Baby Love on 7/14/09
TAGGED literbox, pee, behavior, peesonfloor IN Urine Marking & House Soiling